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Sept 9, 2019

arthritis is a jerk in fall.

I've been doing a bunch of work and whatnot; both for DnD (I dm an campaign now! it's been fun!) and art and streams.

Pokerefs hasn't had much work done, but the latest page's updated. Thanks for checking out stuff.

I've also finally uploaded some full-res art to deviantart (but only my favorites/ones I feel I did well) so there's not much. one day I might host an entire repository of all my art at full-res, but we'll see.

Sept. 1, 2019

Welcome to fall, everybody!

I've been streaming... a lot... lately... Oops... Recently I just did an fourteen hour stream.

There's a "lot" of news; though this entry isn't long at all.

Firstly; the August News has been moved to its own page now, (and the old news page updated)

Secondly; the Latest art Page has been updated. I finally got a lot of pioctures together and will start posting them to my Deviantart. You can use my Deviantart to see nice full-res pics!

A few of the specific pages (check Specific Styles) have been updated as well.

There's a new link on the left.......named "pokerefs". I'm still working on it, but it's officially open now; it's an site intended for referencing between old and new art, for researching kinds of pokemon and seeing what kind of animals they are or such. For example, if you're curious how many fox pokemon there really are, there you go. It only has up to Slowbro or something right now, there's a lot of pokemon and I have to do a lot of researching so it takes a while.

-Tag "unlikely to know them" digimon on digi-faves picker

-Perhaps DnD based page for my party who have been lovely as heck

-"Cool Aritst" Recommendation Page?

-"Style redraw/imitation" page?

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