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July 17

Added an Page comparing Dragon Quest Builders 1+2 because I thought it'd be of use to compile the differences, since people I knew were curious, and I didn't feel like putting it on pastebin.

I also added a Blocking page, which goes over creating an background from an blocking thing and some brushes to help see how a lot of people block or use brushes. This is an background, not characters or whatnot though, so the blocking would differ for characters and whatnot.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have A youtube and I'm going to post some videos of drawings if you want to see (a lot aren't speedpaints. Really.)

I'm probably going to split up a few information-bits from my various artpages and put them together in an collection of tips, but I'm not sure about that yet.

The latest art page has also been updated with a few things!

July 14

Heya! the Moving page has been updated with a few life updates.

That project I teased agbout last month is still going strong, too. It'll take a while to finish though; there's a lot I'm having to do, and Draogn Quest Builders 2 came out (after I preordered it too!) so I've been busy iwth that.

The site has had a few updates to make it a little nicer as well.

The Latest Art page has been updated!

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