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Old News: August

August 20

Not even a week later, hello again!

A few more changes have gone on; there's now an Commissions and Criticism etiquette page that's useful to head to if you're not sure why an artist might've responded badly to what you gave them, why they didn't take an commission, refunded you, or if they responded negatively to you, or why people can, in some people's eyes, "get pissy" when they're given criticism even if it's helpful.

There's also a small guide to help you know what you can (and should, even!) do during an commission to help the person drawing it "get" it more and help yourself be understood.

The Latest artpage has been updated, as have the misc and gif pages. The prices page has been updated slightly with a few changes to the Paper Tile, Digicrossing, & Lineless sections particularly.

The Compare page has also been updated with a few things I redrew.

August 14

Over a week later, hello!

A bunch of stuff has changed; I'm offering two new styles now- Digi-Crossing & Paper Tile.

A whole swath of pages have been updated too:
Latest, the PDF/Zines page, lineless (now Specific Styles page), Ref Sheets, Animations page, and more; mostly just changes of slight organization and some added pictures.

The background image on the site has also been updated! Hooray!

August 6

Man, this year is truckin' along. At any rate; a lot of stuff has changed here.

First of all; my Tutorial page has been split into three pages focusing on specific things (Colors, Tips and Tricks, and finally, Cheat Sheets).

Secondly of all; the bar on the left has been organized a little better and changed up.

The latest page has been updated as well, and so has the news archive (but who cares about that, really?).

And finally, of all, the Favorite Digimon Picker has been updated with a lot of new digimon, and also rehauled so that a lot of the "garbage" digimon are out, and a lot of the art has also been updated so it should be much easier to tell what digimon they are if you're familiar with the games and/or anime. The tagging has laso been improved massively.

I'm still working hard at "Pokerefs" and I may have to ask someone to help me fill it out, but when it's done, it'll look pretty great and work as a great resource for people looking to see if a pokemon exists of an certain species or such, and for inspiraitonal ideas (like Ye Olde art certain animals or such).

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