This is a page with a bunch of "easy cheat tricks" that help a lot with drawing certain body parts and such; so if you're having trouble drawing, say, an serpent head or even an hand, here's some tricks that may help. hHopefully, it's helpful (or at least useful) for beginner/new artists/artists who want to branch out/wanted ideas on how to improve/expand pon their current style in a way relating to this.

There'll be a gif or two here later, but for now, cheat sheet of how plantigrade vs digitgrade goes:

these can be tricky, but like monster claws, I tend to draw the teeth first after drawing the bridge of the nose, so I can form the gums and lips around it easier.

Snakes are kinda tricky, but i figured out a nice trick that helps get the headshape down pretty well:


I haven't got an gif here yet, but here's a few pictures of different styles and directions of how to point an muzzle; I may clean these up later.

Beaks can be kinda tricky, and I still have a really hard time with them, but I usually like to draw them in one of two ways; both are shown here.

Way One (side):

Way Two (Frontal):

I draw the claws first here most of the time, since it's a lolt easier to base the fingers around them here! It makes them look big and meaty so that's perfect if you want/like that aesethetic.

I'ma be real with you, feet are pretty hard to draw and I still kinda have a hard time with them, despite enjoying them, so here's what I can do at best (this was hurried so it's not very good quality):

Hands, like feet, are rather difficult too, but here's an example of how I might do them:

(Gif is fairly long, so be patient)

This is an way I learned to draw arms a long time ago--draw them kind of like concave shapes into each other. I find that drawing in circles for each joint throws me off a lot, so I adopted this way of doing it. It might help you too if you find you're having problems with "circle = joint"!

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