Here we're going to talk about, and inspect, the program, "Clip Studio Pro". It's also known as Manga Studio 5 (or just Manga studio), but for finding resources, Manga Studio is best to find. It's abbrieviated as "CSP" or "MS5" oftentimes.

The interface - especially of the brushes - is very nice. You can see that! It's very easily reorganization-able. On the left, you have all of my brushes (in different "sets" on the very left, in the column with the paint bucket on the top), and after that...

The color wheel a bit to the right of that; under that "sub tools" with smaller categories (for easily separating, say, lineart from colors, but by the same person if you like a lot of their brushes or purchased a lot.)

Under that is brush size and tool property (both of which I moved because I like them. Tool property is where you adjust things like how close the image file is, or how well it mixes, or stabilization.

To the right, there's the navigator, layer (and layer property, which I don't use much), then finally, "sub view" (which isn't enabled by default; you have to go into either view or window. I'll remedy this later with proper directions.). "Sub View" is the "reference image" square.

There's an official website for it that you can purchase/use premium/free assets from, and they're downloadable easily. There are lots of resources for it!

It lacks some of the features Photoshop has, but it has a large amount of them, too; like nice layer styles, blur effects, and it has one thing that a lot of other programs, not even photoshop, do: Easily customizable tones, a la manga!

It can take a little while to load, especially if you have a lot of materials in, and sometimes there's a little bit of lag on brushes (if they're big or very detailed), but overall it's very compact and easy to use.

  • Easy to use tone system for manga
  • Great comic tools
  • Comic Frames are very easy
  • word balloons are incredibly painless to make
  • Good default tools
  • Lots of nice resources
  • Paint bucket is customizable
  • Brush organization is incredibly easy
  • No universal stabilizer (stabilizer is per-brush basis)
  • can be pricy
  • finding brushes can be a little hard sometimes, even with the nice organization because of how groups are set up
  • some options are hard to understand in terms what they do
  • Paint bucket customization can be finnicky.
  • tone system is hard to understand initially but is actually easy after (not much documentation that explains it nicely and simply is the issue here)
  • Support for mainly english-speaking may be hard to get because it's an JP company, and apparently they don't seem to like supporting ENG people either.

Here's where you can purchase it (or try an trial if you want to)! It tends to be a little expensive though, at around $50 USD. Good news is it goes on-sale a lot, oftentimes for half off (rarely more than that)!

Oh boy, there's a lot of resources out here.

Flyland brushes are nice here, and they're only $10.

Shrineheart has an massive amount of brushes here! Some of them are a little samey to others in the set, but overall they're good quality.

Frenden has some of my favorite brushes and they're less than $20 too, for over 600 brushes.

Here's an list of resources curated by Shrineheart!

Here are Glowing Raptors' brushes, some of my favorites for CSP.

And here are Armin Nelysyn's brushes, another set of brushes I absolutely adore.

Storybook studios has some wonderfully grungy and ... well, storybook-like brushes!

Here are DAUB's CSP brushes.

The official CSP site has assets here. The most useful tend to be the categories "Brush," "Tool Settings (others)," and "Material Catalog" as well as "gradient set" and "auto action" when you press "detail" to the right of the searchbar. The only catch is that you need an account of your own (But you do for logging into CSP anyway).

Porforever has wonderful brushes for your quick and dirty details you need, like clothes and so-forth.

Otherwise, you can try and check Cubebrush (there are two categories under brushes under library, for this; Clip Paint Studio and Manga Studio 5), Gumroad (search clip studio and CSP, as well as MS5 and manga studio, separaately), and Deviantart (search all of what was listed for Gumroad) for more resources.

Additionally, a lot of the sources for brushes here tend to have brushes for photoshop so if you're hurting for some nice photoshop brushes, you can check around!

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