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Old News: December 2018

Dec - 30 - 2018

Updated a couple pages that had some problems. Some pages are still in the process of being worked on. I hope you enjoy them!

On my to do list is

-an "past news page" for when this index gets pretty out of hand,
-Work on "About Styles",
-Add more things to Resources,
-Work on Disclaimers page,
-Work on "Why digimon?" page

That's about it. However, as it's nearing the very end of the year...

...It's about time for "best of 20XX" meme, graciously provided by DustBunnyThumper of Deviantart, if you want to do it yourself.

Dec - 29 - 2018

Updated a bunch of pages and overhauled a few image things. Woo! Work!

There're a few new articles too, and I'm working on a couple more that I think will be interesting; you can see them in the left sidebar, but they're not live as of yet.

EDIT: Oops, fixed some issues. My bad, y'all.

Dec - 16 - 2018

I finally updated my Prices page with examples, and the "Can you?" page is up too! It offers examples of things I'm happy to do that people might be wondering if I can do (like mechas, critters, and so-forth). There's also an animations page for the animations, since some of them didn't work before!

Additionally, I've imported the Digimon Favorites Picker from my blog on tumblr (sometimesdigimon) here for ease of access.

I've also added some pictures to the Latest page; next time I update it, I'll add an "last updated" date on it so you can just check it for updates rather than on the front page.

I'll try and organize most of the artpages a little more later, but that's going to be an grueling task (especially figuring out how to organize it specifically)... So it'll take a while!

I plan on working on the "Why Digimon?" article sometime soon, as well as fleshing out the "resources for anything" page more.

Dec - 14 - 2018

Welcome! This is my website of neat stuff. Uh, there's no real news. I'll fix that. Now. I just went up and fixed it. Bam! That's the power of stuff!

I've added a whole swath of pages, though a few are still under heavy construction and I don't know if anybody'll want to affilate (though that'd be lovely, let me tell you.)

I'm an freelance artist and I do a lot of fun stuff, or at least I like to think so; I've done a few articles (mainly on Pokemon, and program reviews).

I hope for this site to get larger than it already is. If you have any ideas for anything you'd like to see here (I'm always wanting for ideas of new content to put here that's not just me talking inanely about programs and my addiction to them and brushes... I'm kind of an resource maniac.

I sincerely hope that this site becomes useful for you, in some way, be it with spotting fakes, figuring out how to draw sugimori, cheap alternatives to the adobe demon that is photoshop (and adobe itself), or even just encouraging you to do art!

Dec - 7 - 2018

The site was born.
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