Hi! this is a page for the differences between both Dragon Quest Builders games!

People were curious about what the new one (2) has that the first doesn't so I've written this up.

Builders: The First

(aka "what the first has that the second lacks"... which isn't much)

-Hammer does as much damage as the sword, so you can use the hammer to fight. You're the fighter, the miner, everything, in DQB1.

-More enemy variety

-You could till soil yourself

-Base boundaries are clearer (the outside of it is darker than the inside, so only build inside the lightest spots. You can see what I mean if in the first world you take a look at the grass blocks beside each other.)

Builders: The Second

There's a lot that Builders changes, mechanics wise!

-Hammer does nil damage to enemies now; you rely on others (npcs) to do most of the fighting for you, but you can still fight (with swords and whatnot). Strength in numbers!

-However, it does more damage to stoney creatures than swords and stuff do now, meaning you're the only one who can slay that Bombcrag!

-NPCs now help you build things if a blueprint is on the ground somewhere and the necessary items are in a chest. (That is to say, just put down a chest and fill it with what the blueprint calls for and they'll build it for you).

-You can swim (in all water).

-Gardening was in the first one, thoguh it had only a few crops; however, here npcs will water, til soil for you, and do whatnot. You can't till the soil yourself unlike in the first.

-You can sort of "tame" some monsters after a certain point.

-You can change your hairstyle and even gender after a certain point, should you feel like it. (This doesn't affect your equipment/inventory menu for hairstyles; unconfirmed on gender and hair color.)

-Oftentimes, after a big battle, the npcs will restore the base to how it was before the battle, restoring any damage done to it, saving you some pain in terms of rebuilding it.

-Directions where enemies will come from are a lot more clear (the npcs more frequently mention the direction they come from).

-Bases are larger than in the first, meaning you can build a lot larger if you feel like it.

-You can tame animals (cows, cats, dogs, etc) by sneakinbg up behind them slowly and then petting them.

-NPCs will sometimes bring you the materials required for large buildings.

-You have an npc with you almost always helping you fight, when traveling; it's useful.

-there's now an leveling system where each level gives you something new or HP. Make sure to level up a lot by fighting most everything!

-There'll probably be a ton more here later after I replay DQB1 (again) because jeez, does DQB2 add a lot!
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