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Old News: May 2019

May 15

It's been a hell of a while!

Life updates
Next month (June) we're going to evaluate whether we think we can move in july, and if not, we'll push off the estimated date to August. If so, well, you best believe I will be busy as hell getting ready. I've already started packing a little in preparation, because I have a lot of stuff I don't use right now at present, so might as well as pack that, right?

I've been busy running the Slightly Damned Discord, getting some exterior sites set up to host galleries of WIPS and "Weird" stuff (inflatables, TF, etc, you know how it is), and ... believe it or not, being terrorized by mice.

Shadow loves to bring mice into my room like an asshole so i've been having to deal with that and oh my god, that is the singular most stressful part of moving right now.

I'm trying to find him a good home, because my parents can't keep him (He's an ESA, and I'm the one with the letter) from the doctor that enables me to keep pets in a no-pets-allowed house), and I'm not going to subject him to a long car ride or an airplane ride.

Right now, it's looking like we'll manage July just fine, but we may push off to August for a bit of a safety net to be built just in case.

Regardless of when we're set up to move out, I'm going to keep saving up and stuff, I promise you that. I'm at 1,200 in the pool right now as of writing this, and that's more than enough to cover the truck for moving stuff. We'll be safe.

Now, for Actual Site News!

-Added "sugimori artstyle collection" page to refer to from my "recognisizing Fake PKMN" and "sugimori Style Analysis" pages, instead of an clunky big list.

-Added pictures to the latest page for april and half of may.

-Added new area on the right bar for my other, exterior, sites, that I intend to keep updating (Weasyl for "Weird" stuff & Sketchbook for WIPS and process talks)

-related to above; consolidated most of the other art links into one link of "specifics".

-Added a few more programs under "Reviews" (Krita- I can't remember if I put this there before) and Sai 2 (different from Sai 1 in quite a few ways).

-Related to above and below; consolidated some of the review pages to hub review pages.

-Reviews hub for some spriting/vector programs, since I realized I have quite a few of these so I might as well as.

Planned changes & such

-Affiliation area (cleared space for this now).
-Actually work on some of the empty links
-Petsite review pages, because some people like these and they can be a pretty good place for creativity and ideas
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