Hi! this is a page fully explaining my situation right now, for ease of access for everybody.

Update on Jan 1, 2020

we're going to see if autumn of this year doesn't work better, as the new year snuck up on us. More time to saveu p is never a bad idea. We're also not going to touch the moving funds at all, rest assured.

Originally Written on March 22 of 2019 click here); updated on June 14 of 2019

We decided to push it off to October (or spring of 2020), for ease of saving up an nest. I've got over a thousand in the pool right now and I've been adding to it occassionally. I got set back by a computer need (since I literally need one for doing work on, I had to buy one), and I'm about $400 off of completing that (it wasw originally about $800, maybe $900). So I think I'm doing good there.

This does not mean I am going to stop saving up - not at all - but simply that we'll be better off for moving, as well, due to being able to save up a little more over time.


At the moment, my plan is to move up to Michigan in with my boyfriend into either a small apartment or with an mutual friend of ours, or even with his parents. The end goal is the same: "Get up there and live with him". My hoped date is sometime in July 2019. If not, perhaps in Winter 2019. And if not, probably 2020.

The moving truck will be a lot smaller in funds since I am not bringing most of my large furniture. Just my desk, my chair, and a small set of drawers that I use personally a lot. It is largely going to be small miscellaneous things.

This plan may fall in, but if it does, all donations will either be refunded, or- more likely- saved for the future move date if this one doesn't work out.

The end goal is about $1,000 USD but I want to raise more past that as well.

Any more will be very useful in covering a lot of other fees, because there will be a learning period and adjustment period.

You can donate here, straight to the pool; it shows how much has been gathered and how much everybody has donated. You can show your name or not; there is an anonymous check.

You can also donate through here, through my personal paypal.me. I will personally put it into the pool myself for you - you can see I have already several times (I am Darion Farris). This is useful if you are shy or embarrassed about the pool for some reason, or if you want to get some art in stead of donating - a la commissions.

I am making this page to be completely transparent about the process and what is going on.

I am not in danger. My home currently is not dangerous. I simply want to move in with my partner because I feel it is a good time, and we have been dating for a while (about five years this summer).

But I, as a disabled person, need help raising money, and I want to foot the moving truck and airplane costs by myself in the least. My partner has a job and they are fantastic at saving. But it will help a lot if I can raise at least the moving truck and airplane by myself.

"Why are you moving?"

I want to. That's all.

If you would donate, it would mean so much to me. Commissioning me at this time means so much to me, too.

Even just signal boosting would help. You can retweet the tweets I've made about it Here, if you would like to.

Here is another thread you can retweet if you want to.

Even if you don't do any of that--commissioning, donating, signal boosting-- thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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