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Old News: October

October 31, 2019

The digi-sorter has been updated finally! The new "hey, filter this out" toggle is there now, and it should cut down on how long it takes if you uncheck it!
I'll upload some art for the rest of October after I finish drawing for the day. It may take a while though.

October 26, 2019

A lot of pages have been updated!

-Pdfs page
-A bunch of the specific styles pages
-Prices page (including some prices were changed to better reflect things and a few were raised a little!)
-Latest art page
-"theme" months page added!

October 10, 2019

Been doing a ton of stuff to take care of myself! Been streaming a lot lately.

Been doing a lot of upkeep on other things in general (particularly my Weasyl and Deviantart). Check out my DA for hi-res art! Yo!

Been working on a new PDF to sell (a wip one).

Latest art page has been updated, and so have a few other pages.

I picked up Corel Painter 2019 thanks to a bundle on Humble Bundle, so I may do some reviews of it sometime (we'll see how easy it is for me to understand)!

The sept news has been moved to its own page too.

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