This time around, it's due time Paintstorm got its go! Paintstorm is one of my favorite programs to use, though I use two other programs (Medibang and CSP) more often.

Here is its interface. There is a light mode, and a dark mode; here s the dark mode. You can change the colors of sliders and stuff (the seafoam/greenish parts are the ones you can change the color of). I liked seafoam so I set it to that.

All of this is pretty self-explainatory; it's very easy to navigate. The problem is "brush" hovers on its own, but that's not a problem... since when you mouse over while clicking on the canvas/draw under it, it fades out of view automatically. You can also deposit it back into the sides, but I don't do that with "brush" itself because then it stretches everything else when you drop open one of the tabs. So I just have it float.

It sometimes "hangs" for a little bit randomly, but it's nothing to worry about; the program's not very well known, and it's not too well-documented. I think it's just one guy working on it, as well, so bugs are more likely to be rampant. It recovers quickly from the hanging too!

  • Easily understandable settings for brushes
  • Very easy to create richly-textured drawings
  • can import some .abrs
  • very customizable in UI, so can help with eyestrain
  • stabilizer is easier to adjust than in CSP, though it is per-brush basis
  • Very powerful and some unique tools even to itself
  • Paint bucket tool is very nice and easily customizable, and very smart at filling out things as well
  • Inexpensive, one-time-only, payment, for an powerful tool
  • Always transparent by default; "layer 0" is transparent, so to make something not transparent you have to remember to put another layer, with full white or so-forth, under layer 0
  • No text tool
  • color picking is weird; you have to hold down the button (usually right-click) and move it as you're holding, to pick up an color
  • a lot of .abrs don't actually work, unfortunately
  • brushes are a little harder to make for yourself, so if you don't feel up for it, there's not as many resources out there as there are for CSP or photoshop
  • UI, despite all of its coolness and customizability, can feel a little cluttered and clunky sometimes because of the nature of some things not popping out
  • Organizing brushes can be a little hard
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