Hi! You might know I like petsites. Like, a lot. Like, a ton ton ton. Like- okay, you get the point. So, I'm putting together a little page reviewing/talking about some of them, and pros and cons.

For more information, head to the "Terminology" box at the bottom of this page before reading on if you're confused or unsure how to read this guide!

*Note*: I'm only reviewing ones I felt were actually notable in some way, like having an good set of pets/colors, interesting art, etc. My idea of "notable" might not be what you want, but it's what I like. So think of this page more as an "recommendations if you feel like playing a petsite" page.

*NOTE 2*: Some of these sites may be outdated or gone by the time you read this page; please let me know if so.





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Pet Variety, Design, & such
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[Customization, Genetics, Dreamies]

Genetics, which is stuff like Flightrising or Novilar or Lioden. Stuff where it's a lot more focused on the genetics, color mixing, and stuff like that.

Customization, where it's a lot more focused on dressing up your neopets (or avatars). Neopets Of Current Days is a pretty good example.

Hatchery, which is kind of a weird thing as here it encompasses a couple of things. It encompasses sites where you put things in your sites and stuff to try and getp eople to click them so they hatch. It also involves other things I'm not sure where to put the focus of.

And finally, my favorite:

Dreamies, where you try and just collect ones you like a lot. Like having this specific pet in this specific color you really like. This one tends to have more unique poses and stuff for each "color," like Neopets Of Old.

Notably, Categories can overlap! The one set will just be the one I think matches it best, even if they don't match up with the category here re: examples.

[Realistic, Fantasy, Other, Mix]

Realistic, which is stuff much more focused on real breeds of animals and such that actually exist; tends to stick very closely to the real life counterparts. Examples: Lioden & Novilar.

Fantasy, which tends to mix things a lot or think up things that couldn't exist, or are goofy as heck. Also includes phoenixes, dragons, etc. Examples: Neopets, Subeta, etc.

Mix, which is kind of a mix between Realistic and Fantasy. They tend to have an focus on "real animals" but are a lot more likely to vary a little away from being so close to their real life counterparts. Examples: Wajas.

Other, which is mostly for things that aren't petsites but more like just niche sites to do things on that made their way on here for some reason. Basically, it's my "I can't really decide which to put it in so i put it here!" genre. It's also where things that don't quite fit in the others go. Examples: Furvilla.

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