subject to complexity fee of $2 USD. May have some undercoloring if desired.

subject to complexity fee of $2-$5 USD. Sometimes has an texture applied.

Subject to complexity fee of $5 USD.

Subject to complexity fee of $5-$10 USD. May have an texture applied.

Subject to an complexity fee of $5-$15 USD.

These include: two views (back and front), as well as side should it be needed-
Flat colors to pick from for ease of commissioning -
View of pawpads, mouth, eyes; anything that may be easily missed in the style.

*you get a free sticker if you purchase 5 of them in a batch, for a total of 6 per $40 USD.

Subject to complexity fee of $1-$2 USD.

Subject to complexity fee of $5-$10 USD.

$70+ - Animations

these are a lot of work for me, especially now that I've moved to Dragonbones
for animating - I have to draw out the assets, get frames ready, and even adjust the speed afterward because Dragonbones acts very weirdly a lot of the time with animation speed.

$40/$60 - Lineless/painting

Lineless/painting is an hard one for me to do, despite me enjoying it, so as a result, it is more expensive, though I may knock it down a notch if the character in question is particularly simple to draw.

These do not come with the option of extra characters, shading, or backgrounds. One character only, no shading.

I will generally do lineless in anything, but painting tends to be in Medibang or Paintstorm.

~$40 option: Bust.
~$60 option: Full-body.

$15 - MH-inspired icons

these are pretty fun!!

  • $35+ - Contemporary/"Realism"

    This one is a little odd for me to do. It's not as hard as lineless for me, but it can be interesting. It comes with an colored background, and generally, it’s your IRL face drawn in my style + in an contemporary style.

    However, I can do other things in this style too too; not just IRL people! Just be sure to ask for this style specifically if you want it.

    "Realism" is also an odd case for me; in this case, I'll try and draw as closely to realism as I can, but I don't have many examples of this or contemporary so they're a little cheaper for now until I get more examples.
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