I do not save anybody’s location (as this is digital commissions, i do not need any locations);

i do NOT save anybody’s names to send to mailing lists;

you will NOT be added to a mailing list by contacting me;

I won’t contact you anywhere other than where you contact me from or tell me to contact you at;

i will NOT send your information, if for whatsoever reason I need to keep it, to any third parties or mailing lists.

The only time I will see your data is if you use paypal or other sites to pay me; i will see your username, and if on paypal, your name - but i will never divulge that to anybody else. I do not collect it, either.

I am an freelance artist who draws on her own for hobby and a little spending money, and i do not need any data; i am not a company. If you have any concerns, you can always ask me at anyplace i’ve listed as an contact area.

Other Specifics

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Please do not repost or edit my content without permission from me (Contact me for this).
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