Specific Art Index

A lot of stuff is crossposted from "Latest"; these are intended to serve as large references for more specific types of pictures that don't easily have examples just by glancing (Stickers, Reference Sheets, Addons, etc).


These are for the popular chatting service, Telegram. They're all 512x512, with an transparent background. None of them are resized, because they're small enough to not be a problem.

Reference Sheets

These are reference sheets, intended to help convey designs. They're useful for designing characters, helping suits e made, costumes, commissions, even for keeping a character consistent in your own art or such. The ones here are severely resized, because they're all huge originally.

Add Ons

Props - Effects - Backgrounds
This is so you can more easily see at a glance the quality of "props" (weapons, and such), how I draw things like magic or water attacks or whatnot, and backgrounds.

Unique Styles

Vector/Glyph, Painting, Realism, Lineless, Pixels, Gifs/Animations
This is so you can see the styles different from the usual ones I offer, like "Vector/Glyph," "Lineless," "Painting," etc. I perform these differently from my usual art, but they may be of interest for you.


Articles - Media
Articles - Creative

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