Main Transformation Works
(Species / Taur / Halfies)

Other Transformations
(Squish / Plushie / Goo / Pooltoy)

Limited Edition
(Sequence / Dynamax(Micro/Macro))

Special Clauses
(Inanimate Objects / Character or Clone TF / Others Not Listed)

Won't Do & Clauses

General guidelines overall

*These apply to everything below this section (Transformation, Taurs, etc).

Complexity Fees

-Anything with more than the usual set of limbs something ordinarily would have (e.g. an dog taur, which generally has 6 sets of limbs) incurs an complexity fee.

-Any more heads than 2 (such as hydras) incurs an complexity fee that gets higher with each additional head.

-Wings are also included in an complexity fee should I feel it's necessary.

Main Transformation Work

(Species) Transformation guidelines & examples

-You have to tell me if you do want the magical effects drawn in. Default is "no." If magic is included, the background will be an solid color bg to show it easier.

-You have to tell me if you do want it to be mid-tf (as in, still transforming). Default is "post-tf".

-You have to tell me if you do want anything specific with clothes (such as already ripped, not ripped, just laying on the ground, etc.) - my default is I'll just do whatever I feel like, so please ask if you need/want something specific.


-I'm not comfortable doing human to pokemon [quad] tfs of specific pokemon (such as Bronzong, etc. If you're uncertain if the pokemon you want falls under the category of "I won't do it," check this page!)

-I'm not comfortable doing 'anthro' pokemon of certain types (Bronzong, etc). If you're uncertain if yours falls under that, just ask!

-If you're unsure how I'd draw something anthro/a taur of it/etc as far as pokemon, you can head to this page; this is a page of my character, Azure, tfed into pretty much everything under the moon, updated when i do new things!
For more, head here! (Princessnapped @ Deviantart)

Taurs guidelines & examples

-Be certain you like how I do these before you go through with asking me for them.

*This also includes Mermaids, Lamias/Nagas, and Driders.

For more, head here! (Princessnapped @ Furaffinity)

Halfies guidelines & examples

-Be certain you like how I do these before you go through with asking me for them.

*This is mainly for humans, sorry; no furries here.
I'm not sure what else to call these, but they're a milder form of TF where there's just ears + tails.
I won't draw an extra set of ears with them though, the new ears are all there are for ears.

For more, head here! (Princessnapped @ Furaffinity)


Inflatable (Pooltoys) guidelines & examples

-Be certain you like how I do these before you go through with asking me for them.

Goopy/slime/etc. guidelines & examples

-Be certain you like how I do these before you go through with asking me for them.
-You have to ask if you don't want the texturing. They're textured by default.
(Needs updated with more examples)

Plushies guidelines & examples

-You have to tell me if you don't want the plushie texturing. Texturing is default "do whatever ".
-You have to tell me if you don't want the button eyes if the reference of character provided isn't of them as a plushie. Button eyes are default.

(Needs updated with more examples)

Squish guidelines & examples

-These are more rendered, and after the first example run, now they're a little more expensive than usual-- about $50 total for a fullbody.

Limited Edition

If you've been around my galleries, or perhaps even just checked my FA folders, you've probably seen something like "limited edition ". This means I'm not as likely to enjoy working on these, but still offer them, though sometimes I will close them.

Sequence guidelines & examples

-Please keep in mind I tend to be more willing to do these for regulars.

-These do not count as "an additional character," as they are separate images - and also additional work.

I have to keep in mind how to connect them, and keep colors consistent. This is worse if they have shading.

So please remember that sequences are another additional image at the same price as the last one, not just an additional character fee.

For more, head here! (Princessnapped @ Furaffinity)

Macro (Dynamax) guidelines & examples

-Be certain you like how I do these before you go through with asking me for them.

I don't enjoy doing big scenes for macros and whatnot, so Dynamax is as close as you're going to get to these sort of things.

These include: a simple BG ($20), a lot of coloring and shading.

They are always shaded/colored, and always come with a simple bg.

For more, head here! (Princessnapped @ Furaffinity)

Special Clauses/"Friends Only "

Sometimes you will see some of my friends posting types of transformation that aren't offered here, that I've done for them. These I only draw for these specific friends.

If you ask for something and it is not here (such as say, blueberry) I will answer you that I only do it for people I trust highly. If you continue pressing, you will be blacklisted.


These are limited only to my friends, and even then, I still prefer not to do them, as they're a lot of work and incredibly expensive. The only way you as a commissionee can get one is to get an YCH comic, which I rarely offer on my DA/FA.

Character TF

Such as into Isabelle from Animal Crossing, etc.

this is one i'm very picky on; the only ones i'll really do as "characters " are either monsters and categories that already exist (e.g. pokemon, digimon), or into your own OCS, or animal crossing characters or a few mario characters (plessie, etc).

This could be classified as "clone tf, " but I'm not too comfortable with that notion either, so I largely consider this a "friends only " stipulation, so please know that even if i may post it and you've seen it, i limit it very much, like my comics.

Will Not List

Hard Nos

-I will not draw any characters who are under 18, in this sort of art, whatever be it (transformation, etc).

Incidentally, I will not draw diapers or ageplay of any sort.

-I do not do NSFW, no matter what. Do not ask.

Specific Transformations

-I won't do just-heads transformation or heads-on-feet transformations (Think Zoombinis). I believe it's called "modular ".

-I'm not comfortable drawing conjointed characters, so please don't ask for that.


Expressions & Specific

Will NOT do expressions of:
Pain - Distress - Crying - Pleading - Humiliation

However, I like doing expressions like the following:
Embarrassed - Uncertain - Flustered - Happiness - Surprise - Shy

TG can be done, but ONLY if it is respectful and does not involve any humiliation, degradation, intelligence loss, and the like. If you ask for some sort of element like that you will be blacklisted.

I don't see what I want!

Is something you want not here? Feel free to Inquire about it!

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