-Refunds are provided, but only partially, in the case that I've done some work.

-Refunds only cover what I haven't done, if you ordered more than one picture.

-Please be patient. I have depression, and motivation can be hard to come by. However, I encourage you to check in on me and ask about how it is going!

-Default 'background' is either transparent or white. You can ask for a solid block of a color of your choice for free, no matter what tier ($10, $15, etc.) you chose.

-I won't imitate other styles; what you see is what you get, and honestly, if you're commissioning someone it should be for their style!

-I'm happy to work with you on designs; you can give me things such as moodboards, or animals, and colors, and I'll work with you to create it.

-I take payment after or before I do work, though I prefer to take it before. I will usually sketch up something immediately to get an idea of pose for you!


If you buy 5, you get a free one! so that's 6, for $40!


Extra characters are an flat $5 each. For what is considered an 'extra character,' it means each character after the first one costs extra $5. Characters that are just 'background' with no detailing at all, don't count. These are also subject to complexity fees.

Example: you commission me for a picture of three dogs. One dog is the 'first character,' so the other two, in that group of three dogs, are $5 each, adding up to $10 for extra characters.

>However, if it's a Shaded Full, it will be an $8/extra character instead of $5/extra character.


Commissions may be subject to this. The fee may be lower, depending on if it's an smaller thing such as lines, sketch or telegram stickers. The fee is between $2-$10, depending on complexity; most likely is $5 if it is complex. $10 is for particularly ergerious cases.

Props (such as weapons and so-forth) fall under this too! The more complex it is, the more it will be; you can expect at least $2 per prop, like sword or such.


-Various monteary forms on various petsites (Subeta most common)
-DA Points (Preferred)
-Steam Games
-Paypal (Most preferred)
-Buying something on gumroad or so-forth and sending it to my email


-Have a ref (or have a good description)
-be patient
-Ask me about anything you're curious about


Prices listed are USD.

Feel free to chat with me and check up about the process if you want to!

I draw quickly, but sometimes depression kicks my ass so it gets a bit hard to focus on things.

Also, please feel free to hit me up with more ideas or such you want if you think of more while i'm working on it! Fixes are 100% fine and encouraged to tell me about, as well.

Can you do (insert specific type)?

Check my Can you? page! It has everything I can do, with links to examples as well. If there's something that's not there or easy to find, let me know and I'll amend it.

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