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Welcome! this page is where to find directories to large repositories of images, courtesy of several sites that I've kindly sourced, for ease of not making my main article pages much bigger with this large amount of sources.

There's two sites usually sourced here; PokemonDungeon as well as Bulbapedia (Bulbagarden, their archive site). This is because both of them are nice to navigate, but I've found that both have different organization...

...In terms of "items and trainers coupled together with everyhting else," as well as "promo art" coupled together with "stock images used for reference of that pokemon".

Bulbapedia tends to squash them all together, which can be nice sometimes, but Pokemon Dungeon splits them up for ease of access. It's up to you to choose which you want to use mainly; I've provided both because I felt it'd be nicer.

This is still under construction! My apologies!

"Ye Olde" - Kanto Era

Gallery of Red/Green Artwork - Bulbapedia

Red/Blue Artwork - Bulbapedia

Yellow Artwork - Bulbapedia

Red/green supporting art - Pokemondungeon

Blue artwork - Pokemondungeon

Red and Green - Pokemondungeon

Yellow - Pokemondungeon

Blue supporting - pokemondungeon

"Ye Olde" - Johto Era

Gallery of Gold and Silver Artwork - Bulbapedia

Gallery of Crystal artwork - Bulbapedia

Crystal - Pokemondungeon

Silver and Gold - Pokemondungeon

Gold and Silver supporting art - Pokemondungeon

"Middling" - Hoenn era

FRLG - bulbapedia

Emerald - Bulbapedia

R/S - bulbapedia

Emerald - Pokemondungeon

Sapphire-Ruby supporting - Pokemondungeon

FRLG - Pokemondungeon

FRLG supporting - pokemondungeon

Ruby and Sapphire - Pokemondungeon

Sinnoh era

Diamond and Pearl - bulbapedia

Platinum - Bulbapedia

Diamond-pearl supporting - pokemondungeon

HGSS - bulapedia

Diamond and Pearl - Pokemondungeon

HGSS supporting - pokemondungeon

HGSS - Pokemondungeon

Platinum - Pokemondungeon

Platinum - supporting art

Unova era

Black and White - bulbapedia

B/W 2 - bulbapedia

White and Black - Pokemondungeon

White and Black 2 - Pokemondungeon

B/W supporting - Pokemondungeon

B/W 2 supporting - pokemondungeon

Dream Radar - pokemondungeon

Kalos era

XY - bulbapedia

XY - Pokemondungeon

XY supporting - Pokemondungeon

ORAS - bulbapedia

ORAS - Pokemondungeon

ORAS supporting - Pokemondungeon

Alola era

SUMO - bulbapedia

Ultra SUMO - bulbapedia

Ultra SUMO - pokedungeon

SUMO (trainers and such) - poke dungeons

Sumo - Pokemondungeon

Supporting - Pokemondungeon

"Ye Olde" PMD

Red and Blue rescue team - Pokemondungeon

"Middling" PMD

Explorers of Sky - Pokemondungeon

Time and Darkness - Pokemondungeon

"Current" PMD

Super Mystery Dungeon - Pokemondungeon


image-dex: sprites for games

(More to be avaiable)


Dream World - Bulbapedia

Dream World - PokemonDungeon

Pokemon Channel - Bulbapedia

Pokemon Channel - Pokemondungeon

Typing Adventure - pokemondungeon


Pokemon Ranch - Pokemondungeon

Trozei - Pokemondungeon

Rumble Blast - Pokemondungeon

Rumble U - Pokemondungeon

Rumble World - Pokemondungeon

Conquest - Pokemondungeon

Rangers - Pokemondungeon

Go! series

Let's Go! Artwork - Bulbapedia

Pokemon Go - Pokemon Dungeon

Pinball - Pokemondungeon

Shuffle - Pokemondungeon

Other Collections

All Ken Art - Bulbapedia

Cards - pkmncards

Sugimori search on tumblr for art people have restored and so-forth

Some unique "beta pokemon" things - Helix Chamber

"F*** yeah Ken Sugimori" tumblr; some older pics not anywhere else

"Hirespokemon" tumblr dedicated to restoring old pokemon pictures

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