• bee (ant or bug or whatnot have you) azure! because she's cute.

    with vestigal arms

  • bee (ant or bug or whatnot have you) azure! because she's cute.

    with no vestigal arms.

  • cute lady.

    pixie (monster rancher) + houndoom fusion I designed myself

  • tf into an adopt i commissioned/bought.

    boltund/houndoom adopt I commissioned

  • blue dragon from D&D TF.

    Dungeons And Dragons

  • Dragon Quest monsters are good.

    Horned Hare

  • digimon tf. nuff said

    Digimon; Lighdramon/Raidramon

  • tf into an adopt I bought.

    an rapidash/spectrier adoptable I bought

  • renamon tf. nuff said

    Digimon/ Renamon

  • sabrecats are good....

    Silver Sabrecats from Dragon Quest

  • the luminary can't very well be considered the luminary anymore if she's a monster, right?.

    Tatsunaga (a Spritzfire) from Dragon Quest XI

  • xxxx

    digimon; gabumon

  • xxxx.

    Great Girros; Monster Hunter World

  • Kirin is probably my favorite Elder Dragon.

    Kirin; Monster Hunter World

  • xxxx.

    Palamate; Monster hunter Rise

  • xxxx.

    Tobi-Kadachi; monster hunter World

  • xxxx.

    Wulg; Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

  • xxxx.

    Xeno'jiva; Monster hunter World

  • here she was dared to put on a cow bell as a joke by her party members. turns out it was cursed!

    holstaurus (cow)

  • Bees are rather cute.

    golden sun; bee

  • I'd always wanted to do a kinda cute tf like this; I see these around a lot! a cute typical pastel cat tf, that is.

    golden sun; cat

  • it was a challenge to make it be foxlike without sticking to the usual golden, orange, or white!

    golden sun; fox

  • here she's been wandering the desert in golden sun and regretting her life because she got hit with a new spell that turned her into a furry.

    golden sun; husky

  • moths are cute, and I was rather inspired by an cute anthro one I saw a while ago, so i wanted to draw that as well.

    golden sun; moth

  • horses're great, and unicorns are the best, so this was the logical next step forward.

    golden sun; unicorn

  • monster rancher-AU azure, tfed into an Aero (a pixie sub-tiger type monster).

    monster rancher; aero [pixie-tiger]

  • Neopets AU azure, but tfing into an electric bori.

    neopets AU; bori

  • an oriental (eastern) dragon! I love how noodley they are.

    golden sun AU; eastern dragon

  • more neopets AU azure!

    Neopets; faerie peophin

  • grey is like, the color for her in neopets. Royalgirl is a close second.

    neopets; grey acara

  • and a regular pixie, just because it's superduper cute.

    monster rancher; pixie

  • and a regular tiger!

    monster rancher; tiger

  • regular antlan!

    monster rancher; antlan

  • this one is a bit of a reach, and fairly stylized (as I'm not fond of multiple heads/minds), but it's largely based on a (blue) chimera.

    golden sun; one of the chimera enemies

  • more neopets.

    ghost uni

  • a cute monster rancher monster.

    monster rancher 3; spearmint (hare)

  • halfie; of a hare ... (again).

    monster rancher; hare/tiger halfie

  • and a lesione.

    monster rancher; lesione/jelly

  • this one is one of my favorite faerie pets.

    neopets; faerie kougra

  • i wanted to try rendering something in the wraith color.

    neopets; wraith gelert

  • orthos-like creature tf from golden sun! *NOTE: both heads are the same mind; with things like this I don't like there being several minds sharing/occupying one body. That is to say, both of them are her, there's no difference at all.

    dread hound; golden sun

  • a tf into the great big evil that she's combatting in the MR AU! ...Moo!

    monster rancher; Moo

  • no certain AU, but it's not pokemon, so it goes here-- this one is based off of one of my favorite beanie babies, Scorch.

    beanie baby

  • a fakemon TF.

    Pokemon Sage - Fakemon

  • Bee TF, part 2!


  • Bee TF, part 3!


  • griffon.

    Slightly based off of one from Golden Sun game series

  • Blue Jay TF, part 2!

    Blue Jay(bird)

  • Blue Jay TF, part 3!

    Blue Jay (bird)

  • Azure as a Picori (or Minish).

    Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

  • Azure as a Fakemon.

    Pokemon Sage; Fakemon

  • Azure, but as a Sabrecat (or Madcat).

    Dragon Quest

  • Azure but as a cute cow.

    Story of Seasons

  • Snakes are neato.


  • Various TF texture studies!

    (Human - Default); Dragon; Husky/Wolf; Bluebird; Wasp; Goo-girl (Monstergirl)

  • Wasp!


  • Legend of Zelda Azure, but actually tfed into her wolf form... but as an anthro.

    Legend of Zelda (Wolf Form-vaguely)

  • I was inspired by a very beautiful picture of "Beast" Byleth I saw.

  • Zelda Azure, but tfed into a Zora (OOT Ruto style)!.

    The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina Of Time Zora style)

    Original (Pokemon)
    Alternate Universes