• cute outfit.

    Amaura colors

  • cosplay of Ami from Digimon Cybersleuth.

    Digimon Story: Cybersleuth

  • haven't drawn this outfit in awhile so i drew it!.

    oldschool outfit I designed a while ago.

  • i thought maybe she'd have an arctozolt now, since she's pretty big on the "weirder" pokemon.

    arctozolt is a good friend

  • i like flannel a lot, it makes me feel cute, so I decided why not draw my fave lady in flannel too?

    flannel I wear

  • i really like to put her into boob sweaters.

    boob sweaters are cute

  • icon of Azure I drew because I can.

    original outfit

  • I hadn't drawn azure in her office outfit in a while so I felt like it, and I did.

    original outfit

  • Cosplay of Shadow Queen-possessed Peach!

    Cosplay; PM:TTYD

  • two lesbians snugging each other.

    Azure & Owen

  • Tenshi from Touhou Project cosplay.

    Cosplay; Touhou

  • clothes inspiration: pajamas!

    colors inspiration: alolan muk

  • clothes inspiration: pajamas!

    colors inspiration: ariados

  • clothes inspiration: swimsuit!

    colors inspiration: ekans

  • clothes inspiration: witches & halloween!

    colors inspiration: froslass

  • clothes inspiration: casual early fall wear!

    colors inspiration: houndoom

  • clothes inspiration: formal wear; corsets are good!

    colors inspiration: blues

  • clothes inspiration: somewhat sporty early fall wear!

    colors inspiration: latios

  • clothes inspiration: casual dress!

    colors inspiration: lurantis

  • clothes inspiration: casual ranch wear!

    colors inspiration: morpeko

  • clothes inspiration: cute overall sweater!

    colors inspiration: old DnD she was in

  • clothes inspiration: sailor outfits on girls!

    colors inspiration: navy blues

  • clothes inspiration: somewhat more punkish look (probably the most punk you'll ever get from her)!

    colors inspiration: scolipede

  • clothes inspiration: bunnygirls!

    colors inspiration: scorbunny

  • clothes inspiration: animal crossing!

    colors inspiration: also animal crossing

  • clothes inspiration: wedding!

    colors inspiration: frogadier

  • clothes inspiration: yoga outfit!

    colors inspiration: dragonair... mostly

  • clothes inspiration: jungle/desert/etc explorer outfit! because... yeah i love these sort of things honestly.

    colors inspiration: Mario Party 2; archaeologists

  • this was a cute outfit I had come up with in animal crossing.

    animal crossing

  • another animal crossing outfit, though this one's in pink! later i'd change it to blue once I finally found the blue top in the game.

    animal crossing

  • a cute unique top!.

    aurora borealis

  • i just felt like drawing something a little more casual.


  • an outfit I have in AC! This one's named "groovy".

    animal crossing

  • Partnership with her Starmie! This was for an example for an themed set of commissions I did a long time ago.


  • a flight attendant! One that I saw in AC that I just really liked on her so i drew her in it.

    animal crossing

  • i was watching an series of unfortunate events on netflix and i rather liked the ersatz elevator; esme looked neato in the pinstripe suits... so it led to this.

    pinstripe suit

  • cosplay as an evil team.

    team skull

  • blazers are neat, and i wanted to draw one.


  • more casual blazer, sort of.


  • just some suit practice; i rather like formal attire, can you tell?

    formal attire

  • azure cosplaying as her friend Violet (ordinarily violet's clothes wouldn't fit azure).

    cosplay; violet

  • sheena fujiabayashi from tales of symphonia cosplay!


  • hanging out on the beach with her friend, Violet.


  • azure cosplaying as a breeder from pokemon XY.


  • the original picture I drew of the dair yoga outfit!


  • cosplay of the dark magician girl from yu-gi-oh!


  • joke clothes logo i got asked to draw; i ended up drawing it.


  • cosplay of mami tomoe from madoka magica.


  • cosplay as a team magna grunt from R/S/E.


  • i've been seeing an trend of nautical/sailor stuff recently, and it made me want to draw that as well.


  • cosplaying as nurse joy from the first season of pokemon anime.


  • cosplaying as the shrine maiden, rao, from okami.


  • cosplaying as cremia from legend of zelda: majora's mask.


  • azure with a gulpin beside a swalot, showing the extreme size direspenacy between the 2 poison types.

    with pokemon

  • this outfit was based on some pajamas I got recently; the top is pretty much 1 for 1 the tanktop I got, and the pants, albeit in a different color, are what .


  • azure with her usual team, though she tends to sub out hatterene the most often.


  • azure in her wedding clothes. She was once going to get married!


  • a witch azure. This one was for the final day of my inktober challenge 2019 (which was designing new clothes).


  • i like the thief ladies' clothes from the latios movie (Pokemon Heroes) so i elected to draw Azure cosplaying one of them.


  • Azure with an Urshifu because frankly, it's a pretty "her" pokemon to be honest.

    with pokemon

  • Azure cosplaying Clair, with her Kingdra by her side - it seemed a very her type of cosplay.

    with pokemon; cosplay

  • just felt like drawing a tanktop.


  • this one was a sweater idea to draw.

    open-shoulder sweater

  • this one was to test some brushes i'd made for drawing the SwSh jackets a little better.

    SwSh jacket

  • this one was to test some brushes i'd made for drawing the SwSh jackets a little better.

    SwSh jacket

  • a fun outfit I designed myself!.

    Arceus, a little of Zacian

  • Azure, hanging out with her two Muks!

    SwSh outfit

  • Azure in a cute-ass sweater.

    cat sweater... but if it was a heart instead of cat!

  • Cosplays of the protag ladies from Pokemon Platinum & Pokemon Black/White.


  • Vent picture that i ended up liking quite a bit.

    SwSh outfit

  • cosplay of Princess Peach!


  • i was trying a new jacket design; I ended up combining this with her usual SwSh dress.

    Scolipede inspiration

  • it was hot here.


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