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    Azure & Dahlia

  • Quilava Azure, as I would have designed her now, rather than if I had begun the DnD in early 2019.

    Quilava form (post-re-typing!)

  • Azure was only a Cyndaquil briefly, but she liked using Attract. This is incidentally the only time she wore her bandanna!

    batty-o-vision (Cyndaquil form!)

  • Azure wasn't a "regular" quilava for long; she became part ice type fairly quickly.

    Quilava form!

  • when she uses fire as a quilava, it melts everything off of her, leaving her looking like a plain quilava!

    no snow/ice!

  • She was never a "regular" typhlosion (other than an bad future) in canon, but she had blue fire then. And so she has blue ice here!

    typhlosion ref!

  • At one point she became more properly "anthro" because hair's nice.

    "Anthro" Ice-Typh Azure!

  • in the tabletop there was an particular cursed forest. This is what two of the players saw...

    "Cryptid" Azure!

  • what she looked like as an regular typhlosion (the bad future her had gotten over her fear of fire).

    blue fire!

  • the clothes she was in by the end of the dnd.


  • scorn.


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