When do I Open?

Commissions will always open for at least a day or so on the 1st of the month, and then they'll close, unless things come up. Then I'll reach out to these whom I feel like working on the commission of.

I will choose what I wish to work on; if I only receive a few at an opening, I'm likely to open again later that month and do all in that run. But if I receive a lot, I'm likely to only do some of that batch and not open again later that month.

I will always announce on twitter, and have my form open when they are open. I also now put the date (open & close date) on my commission opening submissions on tumblr, deviantart, and furaffinity.

Please submit the commissions you wish to get through the form, and if you're a friend of mine, I'm happy to contact you on telegram or such instead!

Updates on commission status/queue?

I often talk about that on my twitter; I tend to say when I've completed all the commissions, or sent out all the sketches, that I plan to from that batch, and that's the point you'll know if you were declined.

Contact & Turnaround

I will reach out to you if I choose to work on your commission. I will communicate with you as much as I can about when I'll start (which is generally immediately, with a sketch).

Turnaround is same-day generally after sketch is sent from me, if you're around, but if you're not, then it can be a couple days at max*, if you're busy; I generally work very fast (please do not underestimate me when I say I work fast). There are rare times where I will just be unable to work but communication about when this happens is always my first priority.

*: Furaffinity & Deviantart as communication options are always going to be slower turnarounds, but I will still communicate as much as I can.

I do not usually ask for payment upfront, but if you insist to do that I will give you a paypal(.)me link with how much it will be, complexity fees included in it (i put in the number myself).

Otherwise, if payment continues as normal, I will give you the link later after the usual point I ask for payment (after lineart phase) before I continue work. I may also link you a paypal funds pool, to donate to (with the amount in USD that I'd like you to pay), which is for emergency backup funds & possible moving in the future.


There are 2 different kinds of process I have; one with BG's and one without BG's.

This is the sketch you'll first receive. It's very unrefined on purpose; it's solely just for posing ideas and whatnot. I take changes at this stage, though I may tell you "that'll be fixed in the lineart" if it's something that would be.

This is the lineart phase. It looks a little unrefined often, because most of the effects are in the color phase-- markings, eye colors, blush, magic, etc. It's after this is okayed that I ask for payment before I continue to colors.

Here are colors. When you get something with shading, I do not send the flats for review; I send you the full shaded version. I accept small changes for colors at this stage, but not pose or line changes unless it's a small enough edit.

This is the sketch you'll first receive. It's very unrefined on purpose; it's solely just for posing ideas and whatnot. I take changes at this stage, though I may tell you "that'll be fixed in the lineart" if it's something that would be.

There will be a lot of background detail here that won't be evident in the lines stage.

This is the lineart phase. It looks pretty refined, and I will usually send the next stage as well, though that's also unrefined; it's at this point that i won't continue work until payment is received.

This is the "next stage," with the background base there - I often amke a lot of changes on top of this; this is just a base to go offof to give you an idea of what it is. I will usually send this along with the lines phase to okay, but with the colors on the subject flat (so no markings, etc) - just a solid color. I won't continue work until it is okayed and payment received.

This is what you will end up with in general in the final stage; a very rendered background with a lot of effects. This is an important thing to keep in mind because my sketches and process can vary wildly from the final finished product.
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