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Your best bets for reaching me are Twitter (I take commissions over this primarily), Deviantart (I now take commissions over there as well), Picarto when I'm streaming, or Discord.

here are the best places to contact me.
Deviantart (Notes) | Twitter (DMs)

good secondaries:
(semi-active; i can't/don't respond to most comments)

(semi-active; used as a gallery for sorting art better)

Alternatives; last resorts (i am less likely to accept contact requests on discord and telegram, and please only use my email as a very last resort if you literally have noine of the others above) DISCORD:

(ACTIVE, but usually only accept friends on it)

tikihama (at) live (dot) com
(ACTIVE, but sometimes forget to check it--please only use this as an extreme last resort for contacting me)

(semi-active -- i only post art here; I don't take commissions over here)

Other places to find me, but don't contact me here TOYHOUSE

since-abandoned sites


If you're not sure if a Princessnapped is me somewhere, contact me first. Chances are high that if it's not listed here it's not me, so be cautious. If you suspect it's me anyway, send an message to me with the URL of the site you're unsure if Princessnapped is.

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