This is a masterpost page full of art tutorials and such that I've found useful for myself, particularly concerning the subjects of tactics and gesture drawing. For programs, brushes, and places to get things, head to the Resources page.

Stretches & Masterposts

Remember to do stretches!


very comprehensive list of myths & such

Another tumblr dedicated to these, but much more focused on various creative things, not just art, like models too!

Collection of Tutorials

My friend's art reference tag on tumblr

A masterpost from said friend's tumblr

An entire tumblr dedicated to this

Lots of good stuff @ deviantart

Think When You Draw

masterpost of a bunch of stuff

Writing-related & storyboarding

Visual Novels

Dating sims

Storyboarding Handout

Writing Help webcomic

Spriting & Animation related

Pedro's pixel tutorials [epilepsy warning]

Spriting help

Head Rotations: Animation

pixel animations

Comic-related & backgrounds

Balloon placement and such

Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work

Writing for Webcomics

Awkward space


Painting tests

Speech bubbles

Comics - Rick Griffin

Anatomy, gestures, shapes, etc.

Wireframe Technique

Overcoming same-face snydrome


Silhouttes are important

Mess around with shapes

Action Lines

Action Lines too

Body type tutorial

Wildclaw wings

Perspective & such

Distance in Perspective

Tricky trick!

Perspective trick

Arm tricks

Video on Foreshortening help!

Painting & other specific styles

Painting help


Painting guide


More blocking!

Blocking in colors example

Blocking out examples 2

Easily-made palettes

Colors & shading

chromatic fringe

Lunch color studies


Color matching

Simple colors

More shading

Ooo more shading

Coloring exercise

shading - gif

Easy Coloring Trick

The art of lighting a scene

color palettes: an lazy and importance article

Absolute Color & Relative Color

Neonnoodle - Colors

Helpful shading tutorial!

Look at this for plotting out colors for painting!

Colors and help; intermidate & basic

Coloring PoC

Clothes & Props

wrinkles in clothes


Architecture and such

Tiled Floors

architecture help

Ghibli grass

Enviromental conceptual art


Digimon shading

Blood, teeth, drool



More braids


Watercolor cheat codes




More fantasy spell scars

Doing comics in monochrome

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