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-I'll take payment either before the work, or after the lines have been finalized.

If not paid until after lineart phase: until the lines are okayed and the fee has been paid, I won't do any more work after sending you the lines.

STREAM CLAUSE: If I drew it on-stream while you watched, you don't get the full picture at all until you pay me.

If it's not an in-stream commission, I will be sending you along an sketch that's very barebones (for me) and meant only to convey the pose and whatnot, to see if you like it. It's not meant to have details.

If you okay the sketch/pose, then I will move onto the lineart phase, and send you this after I've finished. It's at this point that you can ask for changes, but remember that I have an edit policy as well.

I will also ask for payment if I haven't received it before this point, usually giving you an paypal (.) me link with the sum of the commission already set.

After you okay the lineart, I will move onto the coloring phase. Often this is where it ends, as flat colors are very easy to do, and after that you get one final chance to okay it or ask for fixes. Fixes cost extra when it's shaded, however.


USD, paypal only

Prices listed on my website in general are USD.


I reserve the right to charge you, at any point in the art process, for an complexity fee of any scale should I feel it's necessary. That complexity fee isn't often going to be very high, barring very specific cases.

It is more likely to apply to things that're fairly complex or have a lot going on, particularly with interactions, backgrounds, or patterns or sets of limbs, etc.


Please know what you want and make sure you look at my examples first so you know what you're getting, and make sure you've read all of these terms (particularly the STYLE section).

I will change things around at request, but after enough edits (generally 2-3-ish major edits) I'll charge for an complexity fee. Simple color changes are very easy, so these tend to never cost extra unless it's ten times trying to get the "perfect" shade.

Asking me to change something excessively while you aren't sure what you want, then deciding you prefer the first version of what I had done will automatically incur an complexity fee.

I may ask for the complexity charge after I've finished all of the work; if you don't pay up if I ask for one, I won't take any more commissions from you in the future.


-Refunds are provided, but only partially, in the case that I've done some work. They're not covered at all if I've given you the completely-colored picture.

-Refunds only cover what I haven't done, if you ordered more than one picture. (ex: order 4 telegram stickers, i've only done one, i'll refund for the remaining 3.)

-If I've only done an sketch, I will refund everything except for a small amount USD. -If I've done the lines, I will refund a little over half.

-If I've done the coloring before you've told me you'd rather cancel, I'll only refund about half (please remember that I work fast).

However, if you decide you want an refund after seeing the full thing, after okaying it at each stage, you will get nothing back.


Worried about privacy? Check my Privacy page. If you're not sure about reposting my art, or about anything else to do with possible privacy (such as me posting your piece, or tagging you in something), please check this page as well.


-Have a ref (or have a good description-- I do work without reference; just have some things ready to help me understand if you need it)

-be patient

-Ask me about anything you're curious about


Feel free to chat with me and check up about the process if you want to!

Also, please feel free to hit me up with more ideas or such you want if you think of more while i'm working on it!

You're free to repost it anywhere you wish, as long as you say it was done by me, unless I ask you specifically not to repost it.

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-All sorts of body types



-Quad forms + animals

-Mechas (simple, mega-man like ones are fine; more complex will incur a larger complexity cost)

-Armor & complex clothing (see mechas)

-Scars and whatnot

-Complex patterns (more complex will incur an larger complexity cost)

-Light blood + fresh scars

-Transformation, including goo/squish, plushies, inflatables, macro in a limited fashion (More details here on this sort of art)




-Hateful content (such as racism, homophobia, antisemitic, etc)

-Other kinds of TF not listed on my tf guidelines page (inanimate that isn't already listed, blueberry) if you're not a friend (i.e. i've made it very clear to you i'll do it for you)

Comics (only for very good friends)

Unlikely to come up, but:

I won't do sticky things.

Such as food on people, stickers, glue, band-aids/plasters (cloth gauze is fine), tape, etc. If you're uncertain, please ask first!

Clay and slime/goop are fine.

I won't work with photographs or reference of most deep-sea critters and even some kinds of fishes.

Such as anglerfish, hatchetfish, deepsea sharks, moray eels, bobbit worms, etc. Drawn as long as it's not too photorealistic is fine.

I am fine with lobsters, crabs, nudibranches, angelfish, most sharks (but not deepsea. Nurse, Tiger, Great White, are fine), manta rays, etc. If unsure, just ask.

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