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When is payment?

-I'll take payment either before the work begins, or after the lines have been finalized.
I prefer to take it after the lines are finalized, though.

If not I am not paid upfront: After the lines are approved, I won't do any further work until I confirm the payment has been received.

I generally use my personal paypal(.)me link, but I also may also link you a backup funds paypal pool I have instead.

With the paypal(.)me link, I often put in the exact sum needed, and if it's a little more than usual, I explain why-- this is generally to do with fees for complexity or unforeseen trouble.

With the paypal pool, I will tell you how much I want you to donate in USD (you can donate as anonymous, but I've since turned it so that it's anonymous always, regardless).



I reserve the right to charge you, at any point in the art process, for an complexity fee of any scale should I feel it's necessary. That complexity fee isn't often going to be very high, barring very specific cases.

It is more likely to apply to things that're fairly complex or have a lot going on, particularly with interactions, backgrounds, or patterns or sets of limbs, etc.


-Refunds are not provided; I strive to do my best to give you top quality of my art, and what you see is what you get.

-However, if you find yourself unable to pay me in time for any reason, such as your bank was a little lower than it should have been or was expected, I am happy to belay giving you the fullres/final color stage until you're able to pay me. I will work up to lines approval in this case.


Worried about privacy? Check my Privacy page. If you're not sure about reposting my art, or about anything else to do with possible privacy (such as me posting your piece, or tagging you in something), please check this page as well.


USD, paypal only

Prices listed on my website in general are USD.

Please know what you want and make sure you look at my examples first so you know what you're getting, and make sure you've read all of these terms (particularly the STYLE section).

I will change things around at request, but after enough edits (generally 2-3-ish major edits) I'll charge for an complexity fee. Simple color changes are very easy, so these tend to never cost extra unless it's ten times trying to get the "perfect" shade.

Asking me to change something excessively while you aren't sure what you want, then deciding you prefer the first version of what I had done will automatically incur an complexity fee.

I may ask for the complexity charge after I've finished all of the work; if you don't pay up if I ask for one, I won't take any more commissions from you in the future.

If you notice after the commission's done a color change - I will not change lines after it's done/approved - feel free to tell me, but if I don't have the .psd anymore I won't be able to change it if it was shaded. Please know this; it's your responsibility to tell me about changes before they're irreversible.


Turnaround is generally, if you're around, same-day after the sketch is sent to you. I tend to send sketches first thing in the morning for me.

Turnaround is slower when communication takes place on furaffinity or deviantart; it's much faster on twitter, although depending on your schedule, it may also take longer than same-day. It is almost never longer than three days in a row though, outside of your schedule.


I will be sending you along an sketch that's very barebones (for me) and meant only to convey the pose and whatnot, to see if you like it. It's not meant to have details.

If you okay the sketch/pose, then I will move onto the lineart phase, and send you this after I've finished. It's at this point that you can ask for changes, but remember that I have an edit policy as well.

I will also ask for payment at this point, as described above

After you approve the lineart, I will move onto the coloring phase. Once that's done, I will send it to you and if there are no more changes needed (i only accept minor changes at this point), I will give you a box(.)com link from my personal box with the full res picture & post it afterward (unless you have specifically asked me not to post it).


For a more precise idea of how it looks to receive each step of the commission from me, please check this page.



-Hateful content (such as racism, homophobia, antisemitic, etc)

Comics (only for very good friends)

Unlikely to come up, but:

I won't do sticky things.

Such as food on people, stickers, glue, band-aids/plasters (cloth gauze is fine), tape, etc. If you're uncertain, please ask first!

Clay and slime/goop are fine.

I won't work with photographs or reference of most deep-sea critters and even some kinds of fishes.

Such as anglerfish, hatchetfish, deepsea sharks, moray eels, bobbit worms, etc. Drawn as long as it's not too photorealistic is fine.

I am fine with lobsters, crabs, nudibranches, angelfish, most sharks (but not deepsea. Nurse, Tiger, Great White, are fine), manta rays, etc. If unsure, just ask.

Things I'm a little shaky on--

i.e. i'm more likely to decline commissions that involve these, especially if you're a new customer.

-Mental changes

other than very subtly or enhancing what's already there but a little (like small attitude changes, or a motherly character's motherliness being turned up a notch further; these are fine, but if you push it too much I'll cancel the commission and not take commissions from you in the future).

-Clone tf

(that is to wit; tf of someone else into another person, mental changes included or not.) such as you tfing into your friend or your friend's character when they're also present.

I am fine with clone tf as long as they're still themself mind-wise; that is to say, the clone-ness is purely visual, and there's no further changes than just physically. However, I may be a little more shaky than usual when the person, or character, you are TFing into is also present in the image as well. It is generally fine as long as the clothes are different, though-- it feels more like twin tf to me.

This is different from twin tf, where they're similiar but not the same-- twin tf is entirely comfortable for me.


Crying is one I'm iffy on. I don't like to do all-out crying, but the small tear or two is fine, as it can just be that the tf is quite intense. Happy crying is fine, however.

Another one I'm iffy on is pain; too much pain is iffy. But a little is just a little pressure, such as a tail popping out is more intense than expected.

However, I like doing expressions like the following:
Embarrassed - Uncertain - Flustered - Happiness - Surprise - Shy

TG (Genderswap / Gender Transformation)

can be done, but ONLY if it is respectful and does not involve any humiliation, degradation, intelligence loss, and the like. If you ask for some sort of element like that you will be blacklisted.

*If you have to ask if I'll do it for you in dms, or especially publicly, then I won't do it for you, straight up, if it falls under one of the hard nos and doesn't have the exception applied to it.

Hard Nos

-I will not draw any characters who are under 18, in this sort of art, whatever be it (transformation, etc).

Incidentally, I will not draw diapers or ageplay/age regression of any sort.

-I do not do NSFW, no matter what. Do not ask.

-Merge kind of stuff (think: 2 people mixing together into the same being. Different from conjoined because they both melt into one being.) **EXCEPTION (1)**

-I won't do just-heads transformation or heads-on-feet transformations (Think Zoombinis). I believe it's called "modular".

-Conjoined characters. **EXCEPTION (2)**

-Inanimate things beyond what I already offer here (Squishy, goo, inflatables, and plushies). That means no clothes tf and no furniture tf, etc.

more than one mind in the same body (such as 2 bodies that have separate minds that can combine into one). **EXCEPTION (3)**

-Fusions, even if they are Steven Universe style (unless they're Pokemon mixes or such... and not characters). This overlaps with Merges + sometimes, Conjoined.

-Other kinds of TF not listed on my tf guidelines page (inanimate that isn't already listed, blueberry) if you're not a friend (i.e. i've made it very clear to you i'll do it for you)

Will NOT do expressions of:
Distress - Pleading - Humiliation



1 - Merges
Things such as Cerberuses, Hydras, chimeras, etc., with multiple heads are fine for merges. Just be sure that it's a 1:1 head ratio, e.g. 3 beings can tf into an cerberus together, but it must be no more or no less. Tailmaws do not count.

2 - Conjoined
This isn't technically a "transformation" thing, but I've seen it often there, so it's listed here. Nevertheless, it is highly uncomfortable for me if it is an transformation into an conjoined set of characters. It's different if they're already like that-- e.g. were born like that -- or the picture's purpose isn't to "show a tf". Moreover, I may still be picky with this, as it's a fairly uncomfortable subject for me to think about.

3 - Several Or More Minds In One Body
See 1. It must still be a 1:1 ratio.

I don't see what I need to know!

Feel free to Inquire about it!

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