Privacy & Reposts


I reserve the right to reject a commission for any reason, and to not disclose why.

I also reserve the right to cancel a commission at any point, and to refund, if I was paid by that point, for the amount remaining that I did not complete.

These commissions are to be used for personal use only; I do not do any work for mass production or merchandise.

I do NOT offer the style mimics I do (such as paper mario style, etc) for sale; nor do I offer other styles for sale.


You're not allowed to make any edits to my art without my permission, though i'm generally okay with any you'd want to if you ask.

edits I don't allow no matter what:
irl, or drawn, guns being edited into my art

hateful content (homophobia, etc.)


you are very welcome to repost my art to your accounts as long as you're the one who commissioned it/was gifted it specifically, and as long as you credit me to princessnapped (twitter, deviantart, FA -- anything that you know leads back to me.)


I take payment after lines are approved, usually, in the form of a link. I may also forward you to a paypal funds pool that I have set up.

I only accept paypal. All my prices are in USD.


I only offer refunds for what I haven't done yet in terms of work if you cancel for any reason, although if your issue is you don't have enough money at the moment (such as you weren't sure how much you had in the bank or need to wait for a payday) I'm happy to work out something with you, which is usually holding onto the finished color/full-res product until I can receive payment.


I reserve the right to charge you for an complexity fee at any point of my work as needed, although this is unlikely to happen as I often include complexity fees with the link I will send you after lines are approved.

I reserve the right to charge you an additional edits fee at any point of my work in the case of many changes or being unable to make up your mind.

If you notice after the commission's done a color change - feel free to tell me, but if I don't have the .psd anymore I won't be able to change it if it was shaded. It's your responsibility to tell me about changes before they're irreversible.

Asking me to change something excessively while you aren't sure what you want, then deciding you prefer the first version of what I had done will automatically incur an complexity/edit fee.

Please know what you want and make sure you look at my examples first so you know what you're getting.


Turnaround time can be up to three-ish weeks from when the sketch is first sent, though it will likely be shorter as I work fast; it's also possible to be slower, but I will do my best to communicate and show wips.


Here's a full page on my process.

I will be sending you along an sketch that's very barebones (for me) and meant only to convey the pose and whatnot, to see if you like it. It's not meant to have details.

If you okay the sketch/pose, then I will move onto the lineart phase (which will have many things like clothing and details in it that the sketch didn't), and send you this after I've finished. It's at this point that you can ask for changes, but remember that I have an edit policy as well.

I will also ask for payment at this point, as described above

After you approve the lineart, and I receive payment, I will move onto the coloring phase. Once that's done, I will send it to you and if there are no more changes needed (i only accept minor changes at this point), I will give you a box(.)com link from my personal box with the full res picture & post it afterward (unless you have specifically asked me not to post it).

------WILL DO------

Fanart (I love fanart!)
Original Characters
Fan Characters
Mechas/Armor/Complex clothing/characters (as long as I am allowed to simplify details according to my style)
Clothes designs
Goopy characters
pokemon/digmon/monster fusions

------WON'T DO------

-fusion stuff other than pokemon/digimon/monster fusions (be it TF or steven universe style)
-ageplay/age regression
-hateful content (such as racism, homophobia, antisemitic, etc
-sticky things such as stickers, food on people, band-aids, tape, etc. (cloth gauze such as fight wraps is fine, however! goop/jello-y/squishy things are fine, as well.)
-will not work with realistic art or photographs of most aquatic creatures. manta-rays, dolphins, whales, crustaceans, some sharks, are fine. if unsure, please ask first.

------WON'T DO IN TF------

-inanimate beyond what I already offer (e.g. plushies and pooltoys and whatnot are fine.)
-clothes tf
-mental changes further than subtle adjustment (such as being slightly more bold, etc.)
-clone tf (twinning is fine; this has to do with mental changes)
-too-body horror tf
-characters under 18
Conjoined characters
More than one mind in the same body
multiple-head mid tf
-multi (basically multiple sets of arms/heads beyond normal for a taur or such -- it's hard to explain but if you search on furaffinity for multi, that's what I mean.)
-TGTF if it involves humiliation, degradation, intelligence loss, and the like

I only do up to 3 parts (un-tfed, mid-tf, and post-tf); generally the norm is mid-tf and post-tf.

The price is whatver option you chose from my pricelist, but double for a 2-part tf, and triple for a 3-part tf. That means if you chose a Fullbody (flats), and want a TF Sequence, it will be $80 for a 2 part, and $120 for a 3-part. They are individual images, and I do not combine them into one.


TF Sequences can only have 1 character; I do not do multi-character sequences.
-No background, so if you selected background above but also asked for a sequence, that will be voided.

Additionally, I am unlikely to select sequences as they're a lot more work for me, especially shaded, so please be certain that's what you would like.

I don't see what I need to know!

Feel free to Inquire about it!

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